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103rd New York Infantry

Item DOC-132
April 14, 1862 Edward Wehler
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Original Civil War document war dated:

Head-Quarters Seward Infantry,
103rd Regiment N. Y. S. V.

Camp Burnside near Newbern NC
April 14th 1862

Captain Sand
Commander Detachment at Evans Mills


I sent yesterday to your First Sergeant the order to send to camp the two drum boys who went away without permission. They have not returned so far and you will please to send them in forthwith if necessary by a guard. At the same time you will enforce your Sergeant to have for the future his orders carried out without delay.

Having made requisition for 560 rounds of ammunition you took with you 440 pieces, the balance with 120 was just now returned by me. The Lieutenant Colonel directs me to write you that the number taken away was quite sufficient for your post duty and to enforce you not to have them wasted away on jackasses and cows.

I have the honor, Sir to be
Very respectfully your obedient servant

E. Wehler
103rd New York