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38th Pennsylvania Infantry - Killed at Gaines' Mill, VA - Battle Song

Item DOC-8981
Francis Wragg
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Original Civil War document, written in period ink.

Battle Song

Arr. Brother Johnathan

Come Sogers. Take your musket up
And grasp your faithful rifles
We’re going to lick these southern chaps
Who call us yankee trifles.
Bring out that great big union sun
Which forges July thunder.
Bring out our flag with gale its stars
And strike the foe with wonder

Here’s success to all our volunteers
They’ll flinch from duty never
With General Scott to guide our way
Our union now forever.

We’ll like the traitors any how
They shant move o’er the border
We’re wide awake and one and all
Avate the general’s orders
They’ll ne’er dissolve the union no
While we’ve an arm for fighting
We’ll ne’er surrender to a foe
A cause that we are right in.

Then success etc.

We do not care about the land
But they shant hook it from us
Our union right or wrong say we
No budging or compromise
Then beat the sheep skin; blow the fife
And march right down to Dixie
To Carnidem we’ve a government
By thrashing ‘em like sixty

Then success etc.

Mr. Francis Wragg

To miss Sarah J. Wragg
Of Sharpsburg
Alleghany County, PA

Sarah J. Wragg, Pleasant Grove
Near Sharpsburg up Susquehanna
Near Nigger Hollow