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151st Pennsylvania Infantry

Item LTR-5262
December 8, 1862 Samuel Schwenk
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3 pages, original Civil War soldier's letter written in period ink and war dated.

December 8th 1862

Camp Near Union Hill

Dear Brother,

I take this pleasant opportunity of information you of a few lines to let you know that I am well at present. Hoping that these few lines may find you and your family in the same state of good health when received. Dear Brother, I will let you know that I am very well satisfied so far. I like it very well and better every day. We have not much work to do but plenty to eat. I am gaining very fast. I am getting so big and fat you would hardly know me if you would see me. I have gained 15 pounds since I am in the army. When I left home I weighed 116 pounds. Last Saturday I weighed 129. I think that is a good gaining. We are now at Bull Run in Virginia. We left Harrisburg on the 26th of November fording land. We arrived in Washington on the 28th 1862. The next morning we left Washington for Camp Seward where we marched to. That was the first march was 7 miles. There we laid five days when we left those for further down…..we had to marched 7 ½ miles down to Alexandria. There we took the cars for Bull Run where we are encamped now. I wish you would let me know where my brother George was. I would like to write to him sometimes and would like to hear from him and you also. So I think I will come to a close for this time but I remain your brother. Write soon and don’t forget me. I will give you the direction. Direct your letter to:

Samuel Schwank
Camp S 151 Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers
Colonel H. Allen
Camp near Union Hill