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11th Missouri Infantry

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June 8, 1862 Cyrus D Kendall
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 2 pages written in period ink.

Camp Near Danville, Mississippi
June 8th 1862

Mrs. Rovilla Kendall

My Dear Wife Rovilla,

Once more, I will try and write a few lines to you that you may know that I am still alive. Though, I am not well. I was out in a heavy rainstorm a few days since and I caught a severe cold, which laid me up for a few days. I have been in my tent for three days and during that time, I have thought of you continually and how much good it would have done me could you have been here with me. I am getting better and I think I will be able to be on duty tomorrow. The Regiment is twenty-two miles from here. I was with the regiment when we pursued the rebels from Corinth. But I got sick and came back to recruit a little. I am hardly able to write as you will see by my writing, which is not of the best quality. So if I fail to write a long letter, I know you will pardon me. I have written often to you. But it has been a long time since I was blessed with a letter from you. I suppose you have written often but as there is no certainty about the mail. But few of your letters reach me. I suppose my letters labor under the same obstacles.

Now love, you must not worry at all about me for I thing I will be as well as ever in a very few days. I am here in my tent all alone today and I feel very lonely. But I spend most of my time in thinking of you and the future. I am always thinking how much I will love you and how kind and good I will always be to you. My dear wife, if my life is spared to get home and your smiles and caresses will pay me a thousand times. I am almost desiring to see you and I must be for long. But will hope for the best. The regiment that my two brothers belong to came to Corinth a few days ago and I have seen them several times since. They are well and both send their love and best wishes to their sister Rovilla. We have had some very warm weather. I have no news of importance. You hear most the latest news by telegraph. I will enclose a rose that I plucked in a secesh garden between Corinth and Grand Junction. My hand trembles so I will close. Give my love to yours and William’s folks and tell them all to write. I will write again soon.

Now my dear little love, please write soon.

Your ever true and faithful husband,

C. D. Kendall

I will give you my address:

Cyrus D. Kendall
Corinth, Mississippi
11th Missouri Volunteers
General Stanley’s Division
Army of the Mississippi