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101st Ohio Infantry

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April 1, 1865 Charles Morfoot
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 4 pages written in period ink.

Camp of 101st near Bulls Gap Tennessee
April 1st 1865

As this is All Fools Day so it is mine also and I will again write some to you. I am well and doing well and hope you are the same. This weather has cleared off and is nice. All is busy here. Hundreds of men are at work in the woods here chopping and heaving timber and hauling to build railroad bridges. There is a long high bridge to build here across a stream larger than the Sandusky at Bucyrus and six hundred yards of trestle work to build before we go on ahead. Well Mom today I feel lonesome. I can’t tell why so I concluded to write a while to pass time. One thing is no mail comes in. I have nothing to read today and have got all done at my shanty. I can do now but I guess I will take a walk to the commissary and see if I can get some flour and some whiskey. The boys said I must treat when I got mustered. So I will get a canteen full. I can buy anything now if I have money without getting in order as I use to have. We all got notice the other day of Colonel Mac’s furlough has been extended 20 days. That will be two weeks yet until he comes; no difference. I can get along for my things. I have such that will do. I know the kind of saber he has got. One of our officers was with him at Cincinnati. It is like his. It cost 20 dollars (it and belt). I want a good one for I want them things sort of nice to come home in you see. When you write again, tell me about the crops and prospect of fruit. I hope there will be lots of fruit. I can demolish lots you know well now. I will again count time. You see 5 months from the 30th of March is the outside figure and there is an order from the War Department that all Volunteer soldiers of the three year call will come out under, are to report in their own state one month before their time is out to settle up their business. So in 4 months I expect to be in Ohio, if not in active campaign or fighting Johnnys. Well I will now stop for a while.

Noon. I have run around stirring up our Doctors. I have a man my orderly Sergeant, that is very sick. I just got them with an ambulance to take him to the Division Hospital. Now I have no orderly and only one Corporal. I had to make out his descriptive list to send along. There is lots of trouble to run a Company. I would rather not have the extra 10 dollars and have no bother. Every few minutes some one is after something. However I can make it go very well. Oh yes I did not get any flour. They had none at the commissary. I got the whiskey and treated the boys. Well Jake has just started to the gap 5 miles; he and the Chaplain for some sanitary goods, some crout and onions and stink out any polecat. So raise plenty again till I get home. Oh I will write our news. We have the news that old Lee is out of Richmond and coming for Sherman and Grant. Only 6 hours behind him now. Sherman has a large army and he can hold Lee alright until Grant comes up and Mr. Lee is gone up that is if he comes on Sherman. So I don’t think we will get in any of their scrapes unless he gets past Sherman and comes this way and I don’t see he can on account of his grub now. It looks to me the thing will close in less than 3 months or continue another year. I will now close this by wishing you another goodbye and remain yours ever,
Lieutenant Charles Morfoot

Lieutenant Charles Morfoot
To E M
And all inquiring friends

We expect pay next week. I hope it will come so I can get better grub than sowbelly and hardtack. The Company CO draws rations for me yet until my muster papers come back from General Thomas. So I am in hurry for them.