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11th Missouri Infantry

Item LTR-7252
July 11, 1863 Cyrus D. Kendall
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 2 pages written in period ink.

Camp of 11th Missouri Volunteers
Youngs Point, Louisiana

July 11th 1863

Mrs. Rovilla Kendall

Dear Villa,

Your kind and welcome letter of June 27th, came to hand this morning, in company with one from Cousin Will Bishop. They found Mr. Will. I was very glad, dear pet, to hear that you were well. I hope you will keep well. For I do not know what I would do if you were to get sick. You must take good care of yourself, dear Villa. For you know how dear you are to me and how bad I would feel if you were to get sick.

You say that you never said you was my Pet. Now Villa, what a poor memory you must have if you have forgotten it. I do not think you have. You are just trying to make me think so. You said also, dear Villa, that I was tired of kissing you when you came down to see me. I did not think Villa could tell such a story. I tired of kissing you? I never expect to get tired of kissing you. Though I expect you will get tired of it when I come home. For I am going to kiss you all the time. I’m going to pay you for these little stories you have been telling. How I wish I could see you today. You might sit on my lap all day, if you wanted to.

You did not say anything about them pictures. When are you going to send them? I am in earnest about the pictures. I would not miss getting them for anything. You did not say whether you had received my picture and that book yet or not.

I sent $150 to Flora for you to finish pay for that house and lot. Do not fail to get it.

I have no news of importance to write. We are very anxious to hear from the Great Battle in Pennsylvania. Write and give me all the details.

I will write again soon. You do the same. My love to yourself and friends. Hoping to hear from you soon. I remain your affectionate husband until death.

C. D. Kendall