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10th Vermont Infantry

Item LTR-8085
March 15, 1863 Philander C. Wetmore
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 2 pages, written in period ink.

March 15th 1863

Camp at White’s Ford, MD

Absent Friend,

I received your kind and ever welcome letter this morning. It found me well and in much better humor than the other letter left me. I was very glad to hear from you and hope this will find you enjoying life and its pleasures. We have not had much snow here this winter. There has been heavy firing this afternoon southwest from us. The 14th Vermont is taken prisoners at Fairfax Court House. No more news of any importance. The Middleton boys are all well except Ed Buxton. He has gotten a hard cold and Atwater, he is in the hospital but he is getting better now. Then Mansur has gotten home. I suppose he has heard the halls rattle. We do not get much time to write out here. I should like very much to go to some of those singing schools and have nice times. If I am not on picket and can get a horse I think I will go to the next one. I don’t like these harnesses that the soldiers have to wear. Well, I guess that will do. For this nonsense of fighting for niggers I don’t like. When they are free the north will have to feed them and clothe them. Will, that enlisted the Middleton boys, is Lieutenant in Company H. I can’t think of much more this time. So I will close by bidding you good night. Please excuse this writing. Put on you grandmothers specks and get her snuff box and maybe you can read it.

This from your friend Philander C. Wetmore.

To Miss Emma L. Aldrich of Middleton, Vermont.