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105th Illinois Infantry - Soldier's Drawing

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January 30, 1863 John T. Becker
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 2 pages, written in period ink.

South Tunnel [Tennessee]
January 30, 1863

Dear Parents,

I received Ed’s letter dated the 18th and mailed the 22nd day before yesterday. I did not get the one he wrote when he got back home though I probably will yet as it must have come up the river.

I still keep improving though I ain’t as stout as I was when I was at home. If fact, there is not any of the boys. This camp disease is hard on them. I am troubled with that a good deal myself though mine originates from the stomach. My stomach is very weak since I had the measles and the food we get is too hearty. We get flour now and we make some fried cakes. Them agree with me the best of anything I can eat. They digest easy. But enough of this. I am glad to hear Mother is better now. Mother, you must look on the bright side every time and then you will be sure to be on the right side.

I don’t think we will stay here a great while longer though I am not certain. I heard that the colonel had petitioned to Rosecrans to place us to the head of the army though I do not know how true it is. I will know by the time I write you again. They would not accept Smith’s resignation so he stays in the company. The captain had gone home. He must be there by this time.

We will get some pay before long as we hear the paymaster is in Louisville. I can’t think of anything more of any consequence. The boys from our way are all well. The weather here is very bad – rains almost every other day. I will write as soon as I get a letter from you again. That is all.

J. T. Becker

I don’t feel like writing today.
(Drawing of soldier)