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22nd Massachusetts Infantry - NEW

Item LTR-8397
April 22, 1864 John W. Darby
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 2 pages, written in period ink.

Foxville, VA
April 22, 1864

Dear Brother Burton,

I want a revolver and my chum wants one. I like Beal’s revolver very well but don’t get anything that weighs 11oz. I think, if you know of any, better and lighter get us a couple. But take very particular gains in selecting such as one of good marksmanship and I suppose must send express. I brought one once and out of eight I only found one perfect. Beal’s you can get at Cambridge at A. P. Beals’ at the academy. We the 1st Division of the 5th Corps are to stay here and guard this railroad until there is a change in the base of action.

Griffin was to go to the field but said his health would not admit of it and would do light duty or resign. So Grant left him here. It is sort of luck common to the 22nd MASS. I paid $10 for mine if you can get them about that price send right away for I want mine. Send two boxes caps to fit and all fixings with a good powder in the flasks. If you can please have leather case made for mine. Like spectacle case. You know I got paid to first of March and the 26 dollars. Be as expeditious as is compatible with your business.

J. W. Darby

Headquarters 1st Division, 5th Corps
Care of Captain J. D. Orne, Washington