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15th New Hampshire Infantry

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January 4, 1863 Absalom Ford
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 4 pages, written in period ink.

Carrollton Jan 4th 1863

Dear Sister,

I am lonesome. The Band is playing Webb & it seems so much like home that I feel bad, but I shall get over it I guess. My health is pretty good. I have been troubled with the Southern Complaint but am well now only a little weak.

The boys are all well & are prospering well. I received your letter last night with one from Alna & two from Lou & Arrie was glad to hear you were all well & enjoying yourselves so well this winter. I wish I could be with & if I am prospered & my life spared I will nest winter. One thing to Geo. You tell him he must get the Dr to send a note to the Capt if he is not able to come so as he can draw his pay. If he does not he will stand a hard chance for it. He should have reported himself when his furlough was out if he did not so you tell him to get the Doctor to report him to Capt Ela as soon as he can. I should like to see him here first rate & when he comes I should like to have you send me some Postage stamps as I most out.

I should like to see you all & to see you a riding after that pretty pony & new harness & sleigh. It seems rather odd to not have any snow here. All we see here is “paddy” or rather nigger carts with mules & folks on horseback & once in awhile a horse & carriage but not often.

It is very warm in the daytime & cold nights. We had a thunder shower last night & it was one too. I never heard such reports in my life as it was. It is very level country with but little woods, more like our swamps only the mud is just like mortar. It sticks to our boots as bad as our clay.

Frank Peters & Chas Woodbury from Piermont was here today to see us. They look healthy & tough. They drank very hard. The boys have to look out about their drink. There is not nor has not been a glass if liquor in put company since we left B.

You spoke about our having something to eat on Thanksgiving. I tell you I fared well for me. I think sometimes that a piece of baked Chicken or Pie would go well as anything that come from home would taste good.

I did see strange things I tell you on the water & such as I never want to experience again. I was sick & then we had a storm of about 24 hours & pretty severe. But, I feel that as you said He can protect us all well on the water as on the land. That was my only hope & you may not fear for me. But, I know there are many temptations & with God’s grace I mean to overcome all these temptations & come off victorious.

I have not drunk a glass of liquor & left off smoking. Ain’t I doing well for me. I mean to live as near right as I can & I hope the many prayers that are sent up to Him that siteth on the Throne may be answered & I may be permitted to return to you in health & peace once more, & if I ever get there I guess I’ll stay a spell. I wrote to Geo that I gave his portfolio to Mr. Barstow as he lost his & if he wants one you please get him one & I will see you are paid if I ever get home & if I do not I guess there will be enough of my bounty left so you can get your pay.

I should like to see him first rate I tell you it would do me good & if you have anything you cannot make Ed eat send it to me if G comes on. You need not think I do not have enough to eat for we do. We had some more buns. I ate a plate full & a good slice of bread this noon. I should think it a sin if I was at home to be writing but we have so much worse things to do I think it is not & in fact it is all most all the time we do have to write. I have written to Abram today. You tell Lue & Arrie & Ad that I will write them soon & give my love to them all.

You may send me some of the Boston Journals if you are a mind to for we do not get any news here. Please let me know about the draft. The next time you write. What did Ed’s harness cost? Do you know if George is coming? The better the quicker for knowing where we may be when we move. (I got the cart before the horse this time but never mind.) I do not think of any more to write now but if I do I will write in the morning. Love to all
From your Brother Absalom Ford

Write & let me know when Geo is coming if you can find out. If he has reported himself to the Adjutant General Colby but if I was in his place I would get the Dr to report to our Capt Ela.
Love to all & yourself. Absalom.

Monday morn. I received a paper from Lue last it is the first news we have got since we came here. She sent an auction bill of Clay & Emerson. Did not Jim do well with his cattle? It is pleasant & all are getting along well. Write soon as you get this for I want to hear from you. Do not wait for me to write. Absalom.