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16th Maine Infantry - Captured at Weldon Railroad, VA

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July 17, 1864 Freeman J. Brackett
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 4 pages, written in period ink.

Camp of the 16th Maine

July 17th [1864]

Good morning to you, Old people. It is a fine morning here and I feel finely too. But it will be hot enough as soon as the sun gets a little higher. Last evening I came out on picket, this morning got my breakfast early and then though would try and write a little. The boys have been running back and forwards, trading with the rebs. The two lines are about 20 rods apart. We do not have any firing where we are now up to the right of us in the 9th Corps they are not so clever. But shoot all the time, we lay in the same place a short time and we had to lay low. I tell you. We are building a big fort and are going to have some big guns to put in it when it gets done. They send a few shells over just to scare us you know. I suppose you hear more war news than I do and I do not know what to write at all, at all. General Warren visits us pretty often. He helps us dig sometimes too. He says he can do as much as any of the boys. I think he is a good general. Our brigade is going to stop at the fort I think. I saw Jim Mitchell pretty often but his corps has move off somewhere not a great way I presume. But we can’t go a visiting when we please that is to be gone long. Joe Marcoe was over to see us yesterday. The Bradford boys are getting scares now. Asa, and your humble servant stands it first rate tough as an old o’l owl. But O’ dear, I don’t like it. So much fuss fussy fussing about everything and another thin, I am not very brave you know. I have not lost an hours duty yet. Sometimes I think I like it and then again, I know I do not. I do not think they will have the privilege of killing me for I have made up my mind to come down some time. We are having a hot dry dusty time of it. I have heard that James Marshall was killed. I want you to write who is killed and who is not. Who is married and who is not. And all the news how mother is getting along and what she is doing. I don’t want her to work out doors too much. How high is taxes and stock and all such thing and write what you are doing. How the babies are now. Now do be a little more patriotic and raise a few soldiers for your country. So many girls will not do, that’s so.

I wore my old pantoons till about a week ago. The bows were very badly stove in. They did good service. Do you go fishing any now? I don’t think we will be paid off this time. I saw William Shaw about a week ago. He is in the 1st Maine. I was in the Battle of the Wilderness three days and in the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House one day. Is all the real fighting I have been in. They have done some fighting while I was gone. But we have had as much shelling as we wanted. Now you remember and write all of the news to me.

Freeman Brackett

We are a few miles to the left of Petersburg.