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Major Osman Latrobe, Confederate Staff Officer - Staff of Generals Johnston and Longstreet

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June 11, 1864 Major Osman Latrobe CSA
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3 pages, original Civil War Confederate letter written in period ink and war dated. Possible letter to the Varina Davis, wife of president Jefferson Davis.

Petersburg, VA
June 11th 1864

Dear Mrs. Davis,

As you see, I am thus far on my way to Richmond. On Monday night last I left Lynchburg intending after a couple of days here to return to the Army via Richmond and a day or two spent near Zion. Unfortunate accident to the train I was on delayed our arrival home and caused my wound to inflame very much. Throwing me back considerably and obliging me to take to my room again. I’m improving though again rapidly and will not be detained many days longer. We so much require every man to be in his place now at this particular crisis. That I feel even my insignificant self to be of some importance and in my feverish yearning to be back, exaggerate the services I could render.

I am feeling much anxiety about my brother young Stewart whom you have not seen.

Petersburg came within a hair’s breadth of going up day before yesterday. A little more dash on the part of the enemy was alone wanting. I was a wretchedly helpless spectator of it all. I hope Miss Higgins has not gone south and that I might see her in Richmond.

General Longstreet was improving rapidly when I left Lynchburg.

With warm regards to all around you, I am Mrs. Davis,

Your attentive friend,

O. Latrobe