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2nd New Hampshire Infantry

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October 12, 1861 Rufus Atwood
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 4 pages written in period ink.

Bladensburg [MD]
October 12, 1861

Friend Aaron,

I received a letter from Silas some days ago saying he was going away and if I did anything about getting a commission to write to you. Therefore I send enclosed a recommendation from who I know best and I would like you to show it where it is necessary. You will see it is not addressed to anyone in particular. As Captain Barker says the Governor and Council make the appointments but do it on recommendations of the Field Officers of the Regiments. So you will see it applies to any Regiment. I have no expectations of cutting out Levi Converse in the Sixth but thought I might get a chance after him or perhaps in the Seventh. General J. C. Abbott would be the man to apply to in that and as he is getting all the experienced officers he can. I should think it would be my best place. He is acquainted with my endorsements and knows him to be the best Captain in the Regiment. Also the Lieutenants with one exception (Metcalf) and he would appreciate them perhaps more than Converse. Captain Barker will not leave us. But he is a little down on Converse for saying he would not accept if he did. Silas wrote that Mr. Harris would do what he could for me and I presume there are a good many in kind that would do the same if I could get home for a few days. Such as Faulkner, Holmes, Edward Edwards, Levett, and Stantevant. But I will ask you to operate as you see fit and if you can manage to get me into it I shall be very thankful and will make it alright with you. I think I am certainly as capable of filling such a post as a good many who are sent out here in other Regiments. And with my family I believe I need it as much as anybody. I like soldiering and if I could get into the regular service with a commission I think I should spend my days there. But my pay now will support my family.

There is no news to write. We are still here drilling hard and expecting to be called upon every day. One of General McClellan’s staff inspected us Thursday and said ours was the best Regiment he had seen in all respects particularly in the dress and general neatness of our quarters. It seems to me some of the other Regiments would be glad to get a man for our crack company, of the crack Regiment, of the Crack Brigade, saying nothing about the men being cracked also. Give my respects to all and oblige yours.

R. Atwood