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29th Massachusetts Infantry

Item LTR-7194
March 28, 1862 John W. Morse
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 4 pages written in period ink.

Newport News
March 28th, 1862

Dear Friends

I have got a little time now to write. So I will write a little of the proceedings around here.
I received your letter about your not sending the box and was glad you had not sent it. I wrote a letter two days before I received your letter, stating for you not to send the box. I suppose you received it. The reason I wrote for you to send the box was because my boots wanted mending and it would cost nearly two dollars to get them fixed and after I got the tools, I could mend enough others to pay for getting the tools. But I have bought me a pair of boots, so I shall not want the tools.

I do not know how long we shall be here. They talk of marching every day. There is nearly a hundred thousand troops between here and Fort Monroe, which I suppose will march soon, either to attack Richmond or Norfolk. I think Richmond. They say we are going with them, but there is no knowing. We have to drill every day. We had a pretty hard time drilling today. We had a sham fight. There was about four thousand out drilling.

There is a report that there is a rebel steamer trying to run the blockade. I must go and see. The gunners are called to man the guns.

I have just been to the beach. There is two steamers on the river, but I think they will not come down. There has been several deserters come in here lately from the rebels. They did not seem to have any uniform. The secesh seem to be getting the worst of it now. I think they will have to give in before long. The Merrimack keeps out of sight now.

I have not much more to write now. My health is tip top. The drum is beating for roll call, then we shall have to go to bed. Please answer this letter soon. Give my regards to all the folks around there. Please excuse this bad writing, for I am in a hurry. I have just heard that we are to be paid off tomorrow. We ought to have been paid off a good while ago. No more now. Write soon.

John W. Morse