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18th Alabama Infantry POW at Johnson's Island

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May 5, 1863 Simon C. Wilkerson
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3 page original Confederate soldier's letter dated May 5, 1863.

Camp 18th Alabama Infantry
Allisonia, Tennessee

May 5th 1863

My Dear Wife,

Two more long days has passed and not one word from you since I left Mobile. How long will I be kept in suspense? We have had some change in our brigade. As the 18th is at the same post guarding bridges, you will not be interested in any other change that might be made. We have some cheering news from the front. You will get the news sometime before you can get a letter from this Army. It is useless for me to write you such as will be published. We have as pleasant a location as we could expect. The health of my company is as good as could be expected after such a change. They all seem to be very well pleased but I have two digging stumps in front of my tent at the present writing and will keep them at it for some time. All of them whipped John Hand. As he is the cause of my being blessed with such a good kind and amiable wife. I must see that he is not maltreated and that he is well cared for. John has been a fine soldier, ever since he has been in Tennessee. When he met me he seemed to be glad to see me and gave my hand a hearty shake. I have not been as well as usual for the last two days. I think I will be well in one or two days. I am not confined to my tent. Think if I could get a letter from you or learn that you are well. I would improve much faster. It has been so long since I have heard from you. I don’t know whether you are in Mobile or Macon. I hope you will write me when you start to Macon. If I cannot have the pleasure of reading letters from you, I hope you will keep me well enough posted of your whereabouts. That I may have the pleasure of penning you a few lines once in a while. You have no idea of my anxiety until I hear that you are well. If you are well, I wish you would write me every day for at least one week after you get this letter. I think some of our letters must have been lost in the mail. If you write daily I think the chances are strong I will get at least two per week. I have written every second or third day since I have been here very near two weeks. When you write please direct every other letter to me at Estill Springs, Tennessee. I think I will get them a little earlier but if we should leave I would not be as apt to get them as if they were directed to Tullahoma. There is nothing of interest from the 18th Alabama. Give my love to all the family and my respect to all friends. Write soon. From your affectionate husband,

S. C. Wilkerson
18th Alabama Regiment
Estill Springs, Tennessee

Captain Simon C. Wilkerson - 18th Alabama Infantry
Confederate Officer
Wounded at Chickamauga and Captured at Missionary Ridge
POW at Johnson Island Prison