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26th Missouri Infantry - Killed at Vicksburg

Item DOC-90
May 23, 1863 Colonel George B. Boomer


Original Civil War document dated May 23, 1863. Two pages in period ink.

Headquarters, 14th Division
Near Vicksburg, MS

May 23rd 1863


I desire to record my testimony to the gallant conduct of Boomer’s Brigade of your Division on the 22nd inst, in the attack on the defense of Vicksburg.

The only chance to secure the lodgments made by my Division on the enemies’ works was evidently to send reinforcements to them; and though it entailed the loss of brave men, I felt that the importance of the object made it absolutely necessary to try.

Colonel Boomer formed his Brigade in two lines, placed himself in the center and marched them forward in the most gallant style.

The enemy had bee heavily reinforced and the Brigade was met with a tremendous storm of bullets, but not a man flinched.

They moved forward steadily down the hill, scrambled across the first ravine and were just formed to advance to the next when Boomer was struck down.

Colonel Putnam was about to continue the advance when he learned that the last words of Boomer were not to attempt to charge those works.

I was glad that no farther advance was made for it proved that the enemy had had time to concentrate so strongly in front, that it was impossible to take his works.

When ordered to retire the Brigade moved back steadily, took up its assigned position and held it until ordered away.

Besides being a gallant and noble soldier, Colonel Boomer was a personal friend of mine, and I keenly feel this loss, but he died at the head of his Command nobly performing his duty to his country and to his cause.

Very Respectfully,
Your Obedient Servant,

E. A. Carr
Brigadier General


M. Rochester
[Montgomery Rochester]
Assistant Adjutant General