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3rd Rhode Island Light Artillery

Item LTR-383
June 5, 1864 Cyrus W. Remington
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2 page original Civil War soldier's letter written in period ink and war dated.

Headquarters in the field

June 5th 1864

Friend James,

I have written to you two or three times and have not had any answer yet. I suppose that you have not gotten it yet. I am well. Yet as common, we have come out to Virginia where we have to fight in battles. A. R. on the south side of Richmond. Grant has had hard fighting where he is. We can hear him. We hear the artillery very plain. Day before yesterday they had hard fighting by the sound. We have been very still for two or three days. They can’t drive us out from where we are now, not very well.

James, I wish that you would just ask your father about that money. I understand there is not but $95.85 cents I want to know how it is. I dare see into it myself. I sent home an order for him to give up the bank book and you tell him that. I wish him to give it up to the one that brings the order for me. And as soon as I get paid off, I will send him that 15 dollars that I got from him.

There is not much news here today. You can get the news there before I can here. So no more at present. And give my love to all the boys and girls around there. Write soon as convenient. From your friend,

Cyrus W. Remington


3rd Rhode Island Artillery, Light
Company C, 3rd Division
10th Army Corps
Fortress Monroe, VA