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105th Illinois Infantry and 107th USCT

Item LTR-5576
April 17, 1863 Charles B. Safford
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3 pages, original Civil War soldier's letter written in period pencil and war dated.

Gallatin [TN]
Apr 17th 1863

My dearest darling wife

Yours of the 5th was duly received by your expectant husband and now, although it is less than a week since I wrote before, perhaps you will not be offended at hearing from the army again. Especially as this letter will enclose a ring which I think you will like. It is not made as nice as it might have been. Still the colors are pretty and as to size of it, if it will not fit your finger, try Coppy’s fingers. I shall not send any money in this letter because the ring takes up so much room. Then again, I want to hear from the $20 I sent you on 12th before I send another bill for the same denomination.

I am mad at Raymond because he sent that note of mine calling for $10 to his brother who lives in the same tent with me and now I shall have to pay it, I suppose. Would you do it or not? You, little goose, have paid up so many of my old debts that I don’t know whether to pay this or not for fear I shall pay myself all out. I shall not scold however, for I am not so very mad about it after all.

I suppose you are making garden nowadays. I would like to be there and help you at it but never mind, I shall help dig the potatoes. I suppose I shan’t complain as it won’t do any good. I have asked for a furlough, but they tell me that the order has not yet been issued for granting them so as that was all they told me. I don’t know as yet whether I shall get one or not but I am suspicious that I shall not get one right off for the captain will grant them to his favorites first. We have got some new clothes at any rate, consisting of a great tall hat with one side turned up like an old farmer’s hat and a big black feather on the other side, then we have a blouse, new pants, drawers, socks etc., so we are as gay as a peach.

Those soldier’s records have not made their appearance yet. Day before yesterday, I had another general washing day. I washed my coat, pants, 2 shirts, socks, drawers, towel, etc., and it was raining all the time, so I had a nice time drying them out. We have so much duty to do that washing has to be done when you get a chance.

My dear little Johnny cake, do you get anything to read now? If not, I must try to get some papers to you perhaps Aunt C will furnish you some. I should think she might. But I expect to write to you again Sunday. I will close now, hoping this letter will find you and your little papoose in the enjoyment of good health and spirits.
I remain as ever your affectionate husband
Charles B. Safford