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3rd Rhode Island Heavy Artillery - Brevet Brigadier General

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January 9, 1864 William Ames
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 2 pages, written in period ink.

Morris Island, SC
January 9th 1864

Dear Colonel,

I received yours of December 29th 1863 this morning. My greatest trouble just at present is to remember that this year is sixty-four and not sixty-three.

No news up here and nothing going on. Company “I” received orders this morning to proceed to Fort Strong and to take up their quarters in that fort. The battalion you can see is growing beautifully every day. This will leave our companies D, H, B, and E in camp. I cannot see why Company “C” can be of any more service at Hilton Head then we have. It is a poor country for light artillery at best. Captain Turner thinks that First Sergeant Leaver is the man for a commission and I think Sergeant Sweet is a good noncommissioned officer and capable of filling the position of 2nd lieutenant. They are both good men. But Sergeant Leaver has been a sergeant from the start. 1st Sergeant A. B. Clarke’s date of muster is July 10th 1863. Captain Snow expects to leave on the night Steamer for the north. When you send home a party to look up conscripts. As you no doubt will very soon. Please remember me. I never was noted for modesty. So please extend this little hint from me.

General Terry goes over to Folly Island today to take possession of General Gilman’s chair. During his absence at Hilton Head, Colonel Davis will command this Island during the General’s absence. I find a new set Invoices and receipts in case of others cannot be found.

Yours Truly,

William Ames
3rd Rhode Island Heavy Artillery