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11th Maine Infantry - Request for information regarding death of assistant surgeon

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April 4, 1863 John T. Bates & Winslow Spofford
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 2 pages, written in period ink. Request by the family of Assistant Surgeon, John T. Bates to Major Winslow Spofford, 11th Maine Infantry for information pertaining to the death of Bates. Spofford would later died from wounds received at Bermuda Hundred.

April 4, 1863

Major Spofford

Dear Sir,

Although the announce of a very unexpected, exceedingly painful and most unwelcome event that has ever taken place in our family, yet for your promptly writing and exertion to immediately forward him in as good a condition as was possible and the faithfulness and excellence with which you accomplished the work you have our sincere thanks.

Notwithstanding you have done much, still we shall feel exceedingly grateful if you would take the trouble to write some particulars concerning his illness, especially if he was in his right mind all of the time, if he gave up hope of recovering many hours previous to his decease, and if he made any request in regard to himself or how his things at home should be disposed of.

We have been waiting quite patiently till lately to hear from Surgeon Blunt, but to this time no letter has been received. If Doctor Blunt has written that will be sufficient but since he was unwell when you wrote and may be worse now and such things long neglected are easily forgotten by the best of men. I trust you will not think me unreasonable in my request. There for should it still devalue on you to give the particulars as minutely as practicable, will you please do so and very much oblige us all.

Very Truly
J. C. Bates

Request from a family to
Major Winslow Spofford, 11th Maine Infantry
for information pertaining to the death of
Assistant Surgeon, John T. Bates