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Sanitary Commission Agent

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April 5, 1865 John Savary
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Original Civil War letter. 3 pages, written in period ink.

United States Sanitary Commission

2nd Corps Hospital
City Point, Virginia

April 5, 1865

To The Ladies of the Haverhill and Bradford Soldier’s Relief Society

The letter of your Secretary was received some days ago. I did not reply then because the stories had not arrived. They came today, viz two boxes. A bushel of onions and a keg of cider. Now what shall I do with them! There is no exchange of prisoners going on at present. Certainly, none on the James River.

Camp Parole at Annapolis has been the depot for returned prisoners. A new one, I learn has been lately established at Kinston, North Carolina. Major C. F. Howes is the agent in charge of the U.S. Sanitary Commission at Annapolis. But I do not know any gentleman in the commission at New Bern or Kinston.

Aiken’s Landing, below Richmond, on the James River was a point for the exchange of prisoners in February. A large number I know went from there to Annapolis. Now I suppose there are no prisoners in Richmond for “Richmond is ours.” Under these circumstances, I am at a loss what to do with the goods. Unless you will allow me to distribute them in the hospitals for the benefit of the sick and wounded here. They have arrived in good season. Every hospital is full and there is not room enough for the wounded men. They would come in aid of our Sanitary Stores very well at this time. Still, I should not feel justified in making that use of them without your written permission to do so.

I hope there are some towels and arm things among them. The want of which has grieved us for some time.

Thanking you for this expression of your people’s love to the soldiers. I am,

Yours Respectfully,

John Savary