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USS Flag

Item NMC-6903
May 12, 1863 William Greene
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3 page, original Civil War Union letter written in period ink and war dated.

USS Flag

May 12th 1863

Dear Mother,

Since writing to you we have arrived at Port Royal and we are not going home til fall. So you may send me that box as soon as you have a mind to. There are no news of importance. We captured a prize, a small schooner loaded with cotton worth 20,000 dollars on the 8th of this month and the Canandaigua captured on the 7th. I have a share now in 19 prizes. If you ever get any, send me some papers so I can have something to read. We are repairing here now. It will take us 15 days to do it. There are plenty of sand flies here now. Be sure and send me some colored silk. Also some paper and envelopes. Tell Father not to forget the books, especially the one on steam and steam navigation. Send a small slate and pencils. Also some lead pencils and small account book. You can have some money if you want it for them. Give my love to Father and Charles. Also much love to you. You direct that box to USS Flag, South Atlantic blockading off Charleston, South Carolina.

Sent it by Adams Express, as it is the safest and send me a bill.

My best wishes to all my acquaintances. Tell Charles to write.

From your son,
William Greene

USS Flag
South Atlantic
Blockading Squadron
Off Charleston, SC

To B. Baston when we go home I expect