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USS Kearsarge - Naval Nurse Grouping

Item NMC-8849
1862-1864 William Y. Evans
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VERY RARE - USS Kearsarge grouping related to William Y. Evans, appointed as NURSE aboard the USS Kearsarge. Served during the action against the CSA Alabama.

Grouping includes the following items:

1. Document January 31, 1862: William Y. Evans’ appoint as nurse aboard the USS Kearsarge. Document is signed by ship’s surgeon, John M. Browne and ship’s captain, Charles W. Pickering. (Pickering was commander of the USS Housatonic when it was sunk by the Confederate submarine, CSS Hunley).

2. Document November 8, 1864: Recommendation for William Y. Evans service as a nurse aboard the USS Kearsarge and during the engagement with the CSS Alabama. Document is written by Surgeon John M. Browne.

3. Document November 29, 1864: Honorable Discharge Statement for William Y. Evans. Document is written by ship’s paymaster Joseph A. Smith and is signed by the Commander of the USS Kearsarge, John A. Winslow.

4. Honorable Discharge From the United States Navy: Document is signed by both Paymaster Joseph A. Smith and Commander John A. Winslow.

5. New York Daily Tribune, July 12, 1864: Article describing the action between the USS Kearsarge and the CSS Alabama.

6. Pension Document, June 8, 1892

7. Pension Document, October 12, 1912

8. Cabinet Card and Carte de Visite: Nurse William Y. Evans

9. Carte de Visite: Captain John A. Winslow

10. Book: “The Famous Cruise of the Kearsarge” by H. S. Hobson. Copywrite: 1893.

11. Book: “ The Alabama and the Kearsarge” by William Marvel. Copywrite: 1996.