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39th New Jersey Infantry

Item LTR-5418
March 19, 1865 Lewis J. Pierson
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6 pages, original Civil War Union letter written in period ink and war dated.

Head Quarters, Second Div., Ninth Army Corps,
Office Assistant Commissary of Musters

March 19th, 1865

Friend Emma,
Hope I don’t offend by that familiar style of addressing you. If I do, can’t help it. And if I have done anything that I am sorry for, why then, I am perfectly willing to be forgiven.
But all joking aside. I have a few leisure moments and consider that there is no better way in which to occupy them, than in writing you. Therefore, the above.
After fifteen days of pleasure, I arrived “home” last Thursday night and found “Britten” looking for me. And if ever mortal was glad to get to anyplace or meet anyone, your humble servant was glad to get here and “more so” to see your brother. And now I have settled down again for “six months and a few” when I hope to visit “Jersey” again – but not on a furlough. And if ever you hear of my being in the service again, you have my authority to deny it. Now is not that patriotic?

But don’t suppose that I am homesick, for such is not the case. Oh! No!! I am perfectly contented but do not intend to reenlist. But enough of this subject. As you will perceive, I cannot write connectedly tonight.

Although I visited many of my relatives and others where I was well received, still at no place did I enjoy myself better than the short time I was at your house. It is a pleasing memory which I shall long retain and frequently refer to, but never with other feelings than those of pleasure. Please present my thanks to your entire family for their kindness and consider yourself included in the number.

One thing that I have noticed very much since my return is the difference in climate between the states of Virginia and New Jersey. When I left Newark, I was wearing my heavy overcoat with comfort, but here I am without any coat at all nearly all the time. The South is beginning to look beautiful with the fresh springing grass and the trees showing signs of life. In a few days, spring will be fully ushered in and then comes our heavy marching and fighting. But thanks to a kind Providence, neither your brother or I need be engaged in the fights.

I here there is a rumor that the 39th New Jersey Vols. will reenlist. But you need not fear for Britten. This forenoon we (B. & I) went up to the regiment to Bible class and Oh! my conscience. What a class. I undertook to ask the leader (Chaplain Crane) a few questions but soon found that he did not know very much more about the subject than I did. And we concluded not to trouble him again very soon.

Although you may scarcely believe it, still I am sometimes serious. But being naturally of a happy temperament. I am generally gay. You would think so could you have seen me since my return, for my face has not been straight except when asleep and then my dreams have been so pleasing that I must have smiled.
Well there, Miss Duril, I have just read the foregoing and if you can derive any satisfaction from it, you can do more than I.

But I must close now. Please let me hear from you soon and if you will only write in as friendly a manner as you talked, I shall be perfectly pleased. Let me have a good long letter and believe me your true friend, - J. Lewis Pierson

P.S. Hereafter my signature will be to you the same as to other friends – simply Lew.