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84th Pennsylvania Infantry - POW at Chancellorsville & Wounded at Pleasant Hill

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August 3, 1862 Joseph H. Barger
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 4 pages written in period ink.

Sulphur Springs, Virginia
Headquarters, 84th Regiment, P.V., Co K
August 3d, 1862

Dear Friend David,

I seat myself this pleasant afternoon to write you a few lines to let you know that I received your kind and welcomed letter on the 30th of July, which was carefully read and respected and glad to hear that you are all well. Your letter found me well and in good spirits.

Well David, I did not think that likeness would reach you as it was so heavy in a letter and I was almost ashamed to sent it to you. But it was such a poor one I did not think of sending it to you when I got it taken.

Well David, there was an accident happened with one of our brave boys this morning while in a bathing in the river. He was drowned. He went to dive and struck the bottom of the river which injured him severely. But we will take warning after this Sunday. Many I am sure.

Well David, we are only 70 miles from Richmond where we expect to go shortly. You wanted me to tell you how bad our army got whipped at Richmond. I am sure he did not get whipped at all. He only fell back about nine miles and then took a position and whipped the rebels like everything. But there will be some hard times yet I think. The boys in Pennsylvania will have to turn out before long – them that can be spared. They talk of drafting soldiers now because they need a great many or they will be defeated at last. They will quit giving bounties the 15th of this month.

Well David, you wanted to know how George Kyler is. He is at the hospital at Alexandria where we was about a week ago. It is about one hundred and sixty miles from here. He is sick but not wounded as you heard. He is going to get discharged out of service I suppose. He will be home in short time. The last time I seen him he looked quite bad.

Well David, I suppose the camp meeting will soon commence in Clearfield and I hope you may enjoy yourself at the meeting and don’t let the girls starve till Old Josy comes back again. There is a few women in the 84th Regiment but they hain’t the right kind

Well David, I will soon have to quit writing for my candle is almost all burnt up and I must have light to see to shut my eyes. This is all at present and hope to hear from you soon.

Your affectionate friend,
Joseph H. Barger

For David Smeal

Address: Co K, 84th PVI, Sulphur Springs, Va., via Washington