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48th North Carolina Infantry

Item CON-10334
August 8, 1862 Constantine A. Hege
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Original Civil War Confederate soldier's letter. 2 pages, written in period ink.

Camp Holmes
Raleigh, North Carolina

August 8th 1862

Dear Father, Mother, Sister and Brother,

I now have the opportunity to drop a few lines to you stating that I am well at present. Only I feel very weak. I hope that you are all in good health at home. We arrived at Raleigh this morning at half past 1 o’clock where we stayed until daylight. Then we marched to this place, where we are now encamped. My tent mates are Hiram Everhart, Henry Chriesfezer, Christian Fishel, Hiram Painter, Thomas Cecil, Wesley Cecil and Costin Miller. It is supposed that we will go to Petersburg next Monday.

I enjoyed my ride tolerably well. I saw a great many things that interested me very much. I counted 14 engines at the company shops. I also saw the state house and many other fine buildings. We are now in Camp Holmes about 4 miles from Raleigh. We have good tents and a beautiful grove to camp in. there are also several wells of good water in the camp. We are guarded all round by stout looking guards with muskets well loaded.

I will now tell you what I think of camp life. I think it is a very hard life. We drawed 440 lbs. of flour for 4 days. We also drawed 3 skillets and 1 pot for about 20 men to prepare their victuals in. I do not like such fare nor I am not content at present. I feel very much downcast but I think that several of my tentmates are very nice men and I hope that I can after a while do better, if I must stay in camp. So no more at present. Do not write until I write again or wait until you hear where we next move to.

Please remember me and tell Elick and Evander that they shall be contented at home and not to wish to be a soldier. I still remain, dear father, your affectionate son until death.

Yours truly,

C. A. Hege
Camp Holmes
Raleigh, North Carolina