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Mother of Confederate Soldier Thanks Confederate Marshal

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July 25, 1863 Mrs. E. C. Lee
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1 page original Southern letter written by a Confederate Soldier's Mother to a Confederate Marshal. War Dated and written in period ink.

Graniteville, South Carolina
July 25th 1863

Dear Sir or Madam:

My letter was addressed by your cousin as you supposed. Allow me, however, to suppose to thank a stranger for the kind courtesy which prompted him so generously to supply the place of that cousin in time for prompt action.

I am indebted to many kind friends for sympathy during my son’s imprisonment. You as a stranger gave proof of sympathy in my mother feeling. I trust we may meet and that I may be permitted to claim as a friend one who extended kindness though a stranger. I am happy to add that my son has been exchanged. He was held as a hostage. Believe me respectfully,

Your friend,

E. C. Lee

To: Phillip A. Clayton
Confederate Marshal