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Georgia Militia - Petition for a Cannon

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January 16, 1875 Governor James Smith
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Post war petition the the Georgia Governor for a cannon for a militia company.

Milledgeville, Georgia
January 16th 1875

To His Excellency
James M. Smith, Governor
Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Sir,

The undersigned petitioners actuated solely upon principles of the peace and good order now prevailing in our state and to further the ends of the same perpetually, beside believing that a well organized militia is in a great measure promotive of the public good, respectfully request Your Excellency to grant to the petitioners the use of such light artillery arms for one company as may now be at your disposal or hereafter may be.

The undersigned pledge themselves with good and sufficient security to abide by all the laws and regulations now existing as regards the organization of volunteer companies of this State.

They propose to organize a Volunteer Light Artillery Company, with Headquarters at Milledgeville and to be called The Artillery.

They further propose that the organization shall at all times be kept up to the minimum number in accordance with the Statute. Assurances of your Excellency’s cooperation will precede the early perfection of the Company.

An early reply will very much oblige.

Your obedient servants,

E. L. Moran
Jos Lane
M. D. Yeats
J. L. Bonier
David Jas Tompkins
B. F. Nolin
T. P. Wright
J. J. Simpson
John Harris
R. Harris
And 28 others