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1st & 6th Virginia Cavalry - Twice Captured - POW Letter

Item CON-6180
June 1, 1864 Charles H. Smith
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Original Civil War Confederate soldier's POW letter. 1 page written in period ink.

Point Lookout
June 1st 1864

My Dear Aunt,

Thanks for the nice box of eatables. It was delivered to me on Monday. But I did notyou’re your letter until yesterday. The money was given in tickets, which are a legal tender in camp. Please give my kind regards to Mrs. Tyson and thanks for her contribution to the box. I have received Kate’s letter and will write to her tomorrow. W. Simpson was well on Wednesday morning, 11th, when Mr. Davis was taken prisoner. I cannot speak of the incidents of the day or what occurred since then. I think I might get a parole to go to see you, as, I have heard that they are granted in some cases. I intend to make further inquiries about it. I have my quarters in a Sibley, my friends, who occupy the tent with myself and all, except two, member of my regiment they are in good company. Your attached nephew,

C. H. Smith