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8th Virginia Infantry - Wounded at Gettysburg

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June 9, 1862 Eppa Hunton & Charles B. Tebbs
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Original Confederate 3 page letter written in period ink by the regimental commander of the 8th Virginia Infantry, Colonel Eppa Hunton. Hunton was wounded leading his regiment during Pickett's charge at Gettysburg and later captured at Sailor's Creek, VA. Promoted to Brigadier General.

His Excellency
Jeff. Davis, President
Confederate States


I understand Colonel Charles B. Tebbs of Loudoun County desires to obtain a position in some one of the Departments of the Confederate States Government and I am unwilling that his application shall be acted upon without bearing my testimony to his fitness for high position.

He is a lawyer of fine position at the Bar and for many years has been prosecuting attorney for his county. He is a gentleman of fine talent and irreproachable character.

Upon the occurrence of the “Jno Brown Raid”, Colonel Tebbs raised a fine volunteer company, “The Loudoun Guards” for the protection of the border and soon brought it to a high standard of efficiency. This company (still in service) with Colonel Tebbs as its Captain was amongst the first under orders and under arms when Virginia seceded and the first company ordered to the defense of Alexandria. Colonel Tebbs remained at the head of this company till June when he was appointed a Lieutenant Colonel and assigned to the 8th Virginia Regiment. He was with this regiment on the hotly contested fields of Manassas and Leesburg. And on both occasions bore himself with great gallantry. He remained with this regiment till its reorganization in April when so many good men fell victims to the mode prescribed.

Colonel Tebbs from a very early period was a warm advocate of Southern rights and has ever been willing to fight for Southern Independence. He is competent to fill a high position and I sincerely hope he may receive such.

Your Obedient Servant,

Eppa Hunton
8th Virginia Regiment

June 9, 1862