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5th Virginia Cavalry - Captured at Aldie and Yellow Tavern, VA

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January 11, 1865 Fontine C. Boston
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Original Civil War Prisoner of War Confederate letter, 1 page written in period ink.

Fort Delaware
January 11th 1865

My dear Cousin,

Your very agreeable letter, the leaf and books have all been received and I am so much obliged to both of you. It was so kind of you to think of me and to send me such nice New Year presents. I prize them most highly and think them more suitable to the times than any others you could have selected. Many thanks to you both. The leaf is very pretty, I think and as there are other vacant pages in my album, would it be too presumptuous in me to ask both my dear cousins for their carte de visite? I would like so much to have them and I am sure Brother R. would like to discover any changes that have taken place provided there are any. Of course you may have mine if you care for it and I will send it as soon as I have an opportunity for having it taken. But I hardly think you will recognize it from years service in the army having produced such sad changes in my personal appearance and I really begin to feel quite ancient.

I shall be most happy to correspond with you from Dixie, but am rather surprised that you should agree to any such arrangement having had specimens of my letters. The last news from my friend in regard to my exchange is very good and I expect to be in Dixie very soon.

My kind regards to Cousin Sallie and all. And believe me -

Your affectionate cousin,

F. C. Boston

Miss Virginia J. Miller
246 F. Street
Washington, DC