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11th Virginia Infantry - Captured at New Berne, NC & Five Forks, VA

Item CON-6493
April 19, 1865 Edward P. Rucker
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Original Civil War Prisoner of War Confederate letter, 1 page written in period pencil.

Prison Camp
Point Lookout, MD

April 19th 1865

Miss Jennie,

This being a very lonesome and dreary day and having nothing to occupy my time, I have concluded to drop you a few lines. I have been quite unwell for some days past but am convalescing at the present.

Oh, that I could have some fair hand to press my brow and stoke my hair while these remittent fevers are on me. Miss Jennie, would you like to be that instrument in procuring of any release from incarcerations? I do really think that the fair sex has more influence on the mind of man than any person on earth. If therefore you think it prudent and right, I wish you would look around and see what you can do. Hoping that the time is not far distant, upon I can see and converse with you in person. And the best wishes for your welfare.

Believe me Sincerely Yours,

E. P. Rucker