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11th Virginia Infantry - Captured at New Berne, NC & Five Forks, VA

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May 29, 1865 Edward P. Rucker
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Original Civil War Prisoner of War Confederate letter, 1 page written in period ink.

Prison Camp
Point Lookout

May 29th 1865

My Dear Cousin,

Your letter of the 19th inst is just to hand, and I now hasten to reply. The contents made me have a bright hope of soon being at home or at least of being free once again. I feel confident of your success. I do not think you need to reproach yourself, when you have been so busy. The little buds sent wee so nice they had a most delightful odor compared with the miasmatic effusion which I have to inhale every day. My health is some better than it has been. I have again returned to my old company. I could not bare to lie in hospital and hear the moans and groans of the dying, therefore I left although not well. I do not think that you can possibly conceive the distress of a prison camp. I can make out quite well with what I get and now have. I must now close. Hoping to hear soon.

Believe me as ever.

Your loving Cousin,

E. P. Rucker

Company M, 4th Division