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Citadel Cadet

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April 15, 1864 Farish C. Furman
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2 page original Civil War soldier's letter written in period ink and war dated.

April 15th 1864

My Dear Father,

Since I last wrote, the examination of my class has taken place. I together with three others of my class made perfect marks. The remaining fifty all failed in a greater or less degree in their recitation. Barnwell, Croft, Stone and myself were the more fortunate ones. We have today received news which will produce an entire change in our habits. General Beauregard has ordered us into service to fill the place of a regiment sent to Virginia. I do not know how long we may be detained. But the order said that it was the urgent necessity of the cause that forced him to call us out and it added that we should be relieved as soon as possible. There is of course a suspension of academic duties and our studies will be greatly interrupted. Walking guard eight hours out of the twenty-four is by no means pleasant and I shall be rejoiced when we recommence our studies. Our class has received a considerable reinforcement. Five having been turned back into it. Among them Beauregard.

The shelling has begun again, though not so violently as usual. The number of troops in the city is so small that I am afraid the Yankees may find out our weakness and make an attack. If they do however we will give them a warm reception. Cousin John is quite well and joins me in love to all, both at home and Uncle Bob.

Your affectionate son,

F. C. Furman