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25th Virginia Infantry & Danville Light Artillery

Item CON-7582
March 26, 1864 David F. Kagey
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3 pages, original Confederate Civil War soldier's letter written in period pencil and war dated.

Richmond, Virginia
Saturday Night
March 26th 1864

Dear Friends,

Your telegram was received this evening. I returned here last evening from Camp near Orange Court House. Left here on Tuesday and got to Dr. C. C. Henkel’s quarters that evening. But found him absent at N. I. Henkel’s. I remained at camp. Next day, Wednesday, Dr. H. returned that night. He and Dr. Miller were both at Mr. N. I. Henkel’s. I could do nothing till Thursday. Went to see Dr. Miller that day and got the papers arranged except getting the Colonel’s approval. He being absent on picket 20 miles off and will not return before Monday.

I came on here with Dr. Miller’s application approved by Dr. B. Taylor, Brigade Surgeon. Went before the Surgeon General this morning with my own application and accompanying documents. He required the Colonel’s approval. The whole affair was brought to a “dead lock”. Tomorrow, nothing preventing, I intend going back to the Brigade and getting the Colonel’s and General’s signatures if I can. Or try to have it before His Honor S. P. Moore as early as next week as possible. If I don’t get the appointment directly from him, I will try to join some cavalry company. Although, Drs. Henkel and Miller told me I should be detailed. If I would be assigned to the Regiment, but if I get this appointment through the Secretary of War by the Surgeon General, I will give me many advantages, which I will mention at a future time.

How would you advise on the subject? Would I not get the appointment directly from the Surgeon General? Would you not advise me to join the cavalry?

I had my furlough extended today to the 5th of April to enable me to go back to the army at Orange Court House. Dr. Miller has no assistant in this regiment at present.

There is no possible chance to join Major O’Farrell, nor get with him, nor get any when else, that I have selected. I have now no idea when I will get home. Perhaps not for some time. I hope, however, to get home a few days about the last of next week.

If the place I seek is worth having, it is worth a strong effort and I will do all I can to get the appointment. Yet I hardly believe whether I would like a detail. Write to me and give your views.

I am well but run down and fatigued. Let them know at home where I am. My kindest regards to all.

Very hastily, but truly,

Your Friend,

D. F. Kagey