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5th Virginia Cavalry - Captured at Aldie and Yellow Tavern, VA

Item CON-7915
March 6, 1865 Fontaine C. Boston
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Original Civil War Prisoner of War Confederate letter, 1 page written in period ink.

March 6, 1865

My dear Cousin,

Your favors of dates 27th February and 1st of March have both been received and the books for which you and Cousin Sallie will please accept my thanks. Your kind letters so full of news gave me the greatest pleasure and I regret that I have nothing of interest to write though you will of course expect nothing from a “poor prisoner” cut off as we are from the outer world.
Exchange is the all engrossing topic – is discussed from morning till night and we go to sleep dreaming of our happy return Dixie ward. But alas; I despair of my special and conclude it has “played out,” for another lot of officers have been paroled – will probably leave tomorrow and I am not of the happy number. However if the general exchange continues uninterrupted, I expect I will probably get off by the middle of next month. I received a letter from my niece, Sallie Rogers dated the 1st of February, informing me that Brother R. and the command were at that time in Albermarle County recruiting. Tho I have heard they since then have been ordered to Richmond. I had thought one of my hard looking photographs was quite enough to send but since you remind me that you too will expect one, I will send two. Mr. Smith is quite well. A great deal of love to cousin Sallie and all and please excuse my poor letter.

Your affectionate Cousin

F. C. Boston