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Georgia Militia Prison Guard - Camp Oglethorpe

Item CON-8096
July 25, 1864 A. F. Powell
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1 page, original Confederate letter written in period pencil and war dated.

July 25th 1864

Dear Mother,

I take the pleasure this morning of writing to you to inform you that I am well and hope that this may find you all well and in good spirits. We are camped about ¼ mile from Macon. Some of us drew rations and some of our utensils but our mess did not. The mess I am in has not drawn anything yet and the mess consists of Messrs. Hine, Cox, Sherman, Earnheart and myself. I went to town last night to the theater but I had to run the blockade. I went to Mr. Hines’ house, Miss Julia’s father’s, yesterday morning and am going to church today.

There is a great many Yankee prisoners here. They keep them in a stockade that covers about 8 acres of land. We have a Colonel by the name of Armstrong and Captain is J. J. Mark. The militia are still coming in. I see some now. One man looks like if to have three bushels of potatoes on his back. The Thomas Company boys were here first. We have a quantity of fun. I hear the band for dress parade now of a regiment of old soldiers that are guarding the yanks.

Nothing more at present. I must not write too much now. Wait until next time.

A. F. Powell

Direct to A. F. Powell
Colonel Armstrong, 2nd Division
Georgia Militia