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17th Virginia Infantry

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November 10, 1863 George William Brent
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Original Civil War Confederate document. 2 pages, written in period ink.

Headquarters, Army Tennessee
Missionary Ridge

November 10th 1863

General Orders
No. 200

To correct the abuses now existing in the Army, in regard to Forage, it is announced that officers and soldiers will be allowed to keep the number of horses for which they are allowed forage and no more. And no person not allowed forage will be permitted to keep a horse or mule without special order from Army Headquarters.

The following will be the allowance of mounted men to different Headquarters and Staff Officers,

Corps Headquarters One Company Cavalry
Division Headquarters One Company Cavalry
Brigade Headquarters Tree couriers to be furnished from Division Company

Corps QtrMrs & Comy Two Messengers each
Division QtrMrs & Comy Two Messengers each
Brigade QtrMrs & Comy One Messengers each
Regimental Headquarters One mounted orderly

No others will be allowed and all public horses and mules now in possession of forage officers and all, whether public or private, in possession of Quartermaster, Commissary and Ordnance Sergeants and clerks and other persons not allowed by this order will be promptly turned into the Quartermaster Department.

Commanding Officers will be responsible for the prompt execution of this order and all Inspectors will report regularly on the subject and every abuse must be followed by an impressment of the animal and charges against the offender.

By Command of General Bragg
George William Brent
A. A. General

Major General Wheeler
Commanding, Corps