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11th Georgia Infantry - Surrendered at Appomattox

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September 9, 1861 John P. Reed
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Original Civil War Confederate document. 3 pages, written in period ink.

Camp Bartow, Virginia

September the 9th 1861

Dear Sir,

Your note to Captain Nunally dated 4th of this inst was handed me a few months ago. From it I learned that Mother is very uneasy about me and has not heard from me since the Battle of Manassas. I have written to her twice since that time. One of the letters was sent back to me some 2 weeks after it was written. But I suppose she had got the other.

I am well at this time as usual. Though not in good health. I will say to you that our regiment was not engaged in the fights. Though more stationed at Winchester and did not get there in time. I got to Manassas on Friday night before the battle after leaving Mother’s. My regiment did not get there until Monday after the battle owing to an accident on the Rail Road between Piedmont and Manassas. I was awful close to the battle all day. But not engaged in it. It was an awful time. If I could see you, I could tell you a great deal about it.

I have not much to write. Though have been fighting Saturday and Sunday all day in the direction of Alexandria and Arlington Heights. We have possession of the Chain Bridge across the Potomac. We look for orders to march every minute.

The health of our Regiment is bad. It is as least half sick. I want you to write me as soon as you get this and give me all the news. Tell Mother to write and Milham. I have not heard from them since I left. I got a letter from my wife yesterday. They are all well. Show this to Mother and tell her she must not be so uneasy and if she has not heard from me, it is the fault of the mails and not mine. But I suppose she has heard before this time, as I wrote to her over 2 weeks ago.

Yours truly,

J. P. Reid