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3rd Battalion Kentucky Cavalry - POW Letter

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April 1, 1864 James T. Eubank
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Original Civil War Confederate Prisoner of War letter, written in period ink from Rock Island, IL. Captured at Pulaski, TN.

Military Prison
Rock Island, Illinois

Prison Hospital, Ward 8

April 1st 1864

My dear cousin,

Your very kind and interesting letter, dated 28th inst., came to hand this morning. Was sorry to hear of your illness. Hope you have recovered, ere this. My health is good at present.

Most of my time is employed in reading and writing. I receive some two or three letters a day. Which helps me in some degree to pass away my time. Besides, I have Scott and some other good books. Magnuson is indeed a fine piece. I like it better since soldiering, than I ever did before.

I indeed have a kind father. If ever I am supposed to get home, shall try and repay him and all my friends for their kindness. Father thinks there is no boy in the world like me. But he is a father, and liable to mistakes. He looks over all my faults and only see my virtue. I needed the books, which Col. T’s daughters sent. They were mostly poetical works, which I like better than any other kind of reading.

It is very difficult for me to write a letter, as I have no news. I received a letter from Cousin Fannie Southgate yesterday. They were all well. Will is one of the best boys I ever known. Ed could not stand the service. Albert Berry made a good soldier. He is now a lieutenant on a gunboat. I think he will make a good officer. A friend of his (Lorne Withone) wrote his sister Bettie, but has received no answer.

Was glad to hear Aunt Taylor’s health was good. How is cousin Kittie Harris and Edgar Walker? Dr. Murne sends them his compliments. Please write soon.

Very kindly, I remain,

Your cousin,

J. T. Eubank