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4th Mississippi Infantry - Captured at Fort Donelson

Item CON-9914
June 5, 1862 William A. Moore


Original Civil War Confederate POW letter. 2 pages, written in period ink.

Johnson’s Island
June 5th 1862

Estimable Friend,

After long silence, I resume my pen and assume the position of a writer for the purpose of responding to your note and also of acknowledging the receipt of the wrapper which you sent and which I received from the hands of Mrs. Thurman a few days before I left Camp Chase. You will accept of my sincere thanks for the donation and I hope you will not think it unappreciated by not writing sooner. As I have no means to purchase the necessary requisites for correspondence.

I have no news of interest. We are all in the enjoyment of choicest blessing (health) and are in better spirits today than usual. As we think there is a chance for an exchange of prisoners which would ensure to us pleasure which will be better felt than expressed.

I hope that we shall shortly realize our wishes and desires so that we may return to our homes to drive sorrow from the bosoms of many ancestors’ hearts.

With my most sincere wishes for your future welfare and happiness. I subscribe myself your friend and humble servant.

William A. Moore
Prisoner of War
Johnson’s Island

William A. Moore
4th Mississippi Regiment