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82nd New York Infantry & 12th Veteran Reserve Corps

Item DOC-128
May 23, 1864 Emmet M. Irwin
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1 original Civil War document and 2 Civil War dated letters (each 2 pages) written in period ink and pertaining to Corporal Emmet Irwin. A CDV of Irwin is also included.

Document is a Discharge Certificate given at Washington, DC.

The 2 letters are transcribed below:

April 12th 1864

Dear Sister,

Your letter has just been received and as I was writing to Lucy I will answer immediately. Although Lucy’s will contain all I think. As you left home it was your place to write first and give me your directions. If my address is changed I always think it my duty to write to my correspondents on the first opportunity without regards as to who owes the letter. I thought last week that I was to have another turn at the typhoid fever but went to the Doctor and took it in time so that I think I have broken it. I do not know as my cough is any better. I am taking a mixture of tar, honey and eggs which I think keeps it very loose but any farther than that I do not know as it is doing me any good. I am getting along very well here and am like yourself have an excellent boarding place and am like one of the family. I do not know as I have anything more.

Yours truly,

Emmet M. Irwin
Company C, 12th Regiment
U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps
Ulster County, NY

December 13th

Dear Mother,

Although I have much to write I will try and send you a few words in the silent language of the pen. I arrived at the Army the same day I left home at 8 o’clock. Everything all right. We have had quite a storm for the last three days. Friday, snow fell to the depth of about four inches and then turned to rain. We are preparing to have a good time next Wednesday night. The American Hose Company of this town has a festival in our rooms and we are all invited to attend.

Tell Mary her letter was here waiting for me when I got here. And she must write again. I have had some pictures taken which you will please find enclosed. Emma, I suppose will claim one of them and then you can divide the rest with the folks at Warwick. I did not have them colored blue because I thought they would look better as they are. You will also find one of my bunkmates, which please keep for me. I received a letter from James Friday. The Regiment is encamped at Brandy Station. He is well. Nothing more at present. Remember me to all

Yours Affectionately,

Tell them to direct:
Company C, 12th Regiment, 1st Battalion
Invalid Corps
Ulster County, NY