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2nd Iowa Cavalry - Brigadier General

Item DOC-234
March 1, 1865 Edward Hatch
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1 page, original Civil War document written in period ink and war dated.

Headquarters, 5th Division Cavalry
Cavalry Corps M.D.M. East Port

March 1st 1865

Honorable C. A. Dana
Washington, DC

Dear Sir,

I enclose a copy of recommendation of 1st Lieutenant Henry S. Colvin, 121st Tennessee Cavalry to be appointed Captain and Adjutant General and assigned to any personal staff you may remember a conversation in which I stated no appointment or assignment had ever been made for me. I am greatly in need of a good Adjutant General. Not only shall I consider it a great favor to myself to have his appointment made, but an act of justice to Lieutenant Colvin for gallantry in the field.

A copy of this recommendation has been forwarded through the military channels. If you will have the kindness to give it attention. You are greatly obliged.

Your obedient servant,

Edward Hatch
Brigadier General