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8th Maine Infantry

Item DOC-5078
August 27, 1864 J H. H. Hewett
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Camp 8th Regt. Maine Vols
Before Petersburg, Va. Aug 27th 1864

To His Excellency Hon Samuel Coney,
Governor of Maine


The undersigned commissioned officers of the 8th Maine Vols as a mark of their high opinion of the courage, zeal and ability of major William M. McArthur and in consideration of the gallant manner in which he has led the regiment upon many a battlefield winning both for himself and for the regiment the glory and reputation due to brave men, do earnestly recommend him to the Governor of Maine for the position of colonel of the 8th regiment Maine Volunteers, which position is now vacant by the discharge of Colonel J. D. Rust. They do also believe that in no other manner could the good of the regiment and the best interest of the service be so well secured.

Very Respectfully
Your Obt. Servants

J. E. Bryant Capt Co C
A. D. Millett Capt Co D
E. A. True Capt Co H
H. Smith Capt Co K
L. Alford 1st Lt Co H
A. C. Drake 2nd Lt Co D
America Walton 2nd Lt Co B
Henry C. Tozier 1st Lt Co I
John L. Taylor 1st Lt Co K
J. S. Burke 1st Lt Co D
E. G. Guptill 1st Lt Co G
W. Smith 2nd Lt Co C
L. C. Abbott 2nd Lt Co C
J. S. Chase 2nd Lt Co E
J. H. H. Hewett Adjutant
H. N. Parker 2nd Lt Co K

A True Copy
J. H. H. Hewett
Adjutant 8th Maine Vols.