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4th Pennsylvania Cavalry - Defense Attorney for Lincoln Assassination Trial

Item DOC-5605
December 28, 1862 William E. Doster
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Original Civil War document, war dated and written in period ink. William E. Doster served as the defense attorney for George Atzerodt and Lewis Powell during the Lincoln assassination trial.

Head Quarters Provost Marshal’s Office
December 28, 1862

Brigadier General Martindale
Military Governor
District of Washington

I have the honor to report that there are at present in the Capitol Prison, thirty-four soldiers under sentence to the penitentiary of the District of Columbia who have, by an order of the Secretary of the Interior, been transferred to the custody of the Military Governor of this District.
That clothing has hitherto been supplied them by me on the order of the Military Governor, out of the stock seized by the Provost Guard.
That on inspection yesterday I found them again in want of clothing and especially shoes. That at present I have on hand nothing, except heavy cavalry boots, not suitable to the purpose, to supply their wants. That their relief is the more urgently recommended to your favorable consideration on account of the rigor of the season and because of the remarkable contrast observable yesterday in the apartments of the old Capitol between traitors, supplied by a committee with the best of attire, and soldiers of the republic, - although offenders against military laws, - ragged, and some in their stocking feet.
I have the honor to be
Very Respectfully
Your Obedient Servant
W. E. Doster
Lieutenant Colonel Provost Marshal