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Artillery Brigade, 2nd Army Corps

Item DOC-9028
October 24, 1864 John G. Hazard & Ulysses D. Eddy
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Original Civil War document written in period ink.

Headquarters Artillery Brigade
2nd Army Corps

October 24, 1864

Special Order No. 178


The following changes in the positions of artillery are ordered for tonight. Captain White, 4th Maine will remove his section now in Fort Haskell and relieve the section of Battery F, 1st Pennsylvania in Battery 10.

The commanding officer of Battery F, 1st Pennsylvania on being relieved by Captain White will withdraw the section in Battery 10. Also, the one in Fort Stedman to the Camp of his caissons.

Captain Dorsey, Battery H, 1st Ohio will withdraw from Fort Sedgewick and relieve Lieutenant Graniger, 10th Massachusetts in Batteries 13 and 14, putting one section in each work. On being relieved Lieutenant Graniger will withdraw his battery to his caisson camp and there wait orders. Captain Parsons will relieve the section of Captain Mayo, 3rd Maine, in Fort Rice by one of his. Captain Rhodes, E 1st Rhode Island will relieve the gun on the Rail Road of Captain Parsons which will be placed in Fort Rice.

The changes will not be made until after dark.

Captain Ham, Commanding 6th Corps Artillery will superintend the changes in his command.

By command of

Major John G. Hazard

U. D. Eddy
A.A.A. General

Company F, 1st Pennsylvania Artillery