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63rd New York Infantry - Irish Brigade - With Signatures from 21 Officers

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February 13, 1863 Thomas W. Cartwright & Richard C. Bentley
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Original Civil War Irish Brigade Document. Two pages written in period ink and war dated. 63rd New York Infantry - Irish Brigade - With Signatures from 21 Officers.

Letter from the Officers of the 63rd Regiment New York State Volunteers
to Captain Thomas W. Cartwright

Headquarters 63rd Regiment New York State Volunteers
Camp near Falmouth, VA
February 13, 1863

Captain Thomas W. Cartwright,

Sir, At a meeting of the officers of the 63rd Regiment New York State Volunteers, Lieutenant Colonel Bentley, commanding the regiment, in the chair, and Captain John Dwyer, Secretary, the following letter expressive of their views was on motion directed to be presented to you.

We the officers of the 63rd Regiment New York State Volunteers have heard with pain and yet with pleasure that you Sir are about to retire into private life. We are pained to part with one whose conduct in the camp and on the battle field, has given a lustre to whatever honors we all share in common with the regiment. We are pleased that no false spirit hinders you from accepting the kindly advice of your friends to retire to private life and renovate your health, shattered by a long and arduous servitude. A servitude in which you have ever been true to the cause you espoused as a pure patriot and brave soldier.

Accept our warmest sympathy Sir, in the loss of your young and gallant son. Captain T. W. Cartwright Jr, 5th New York State Volunteers, Duryee’s Zouaves, stricken down in the bloom of manhood, full of bright hopes and expectations, the boy martyr to a great and noble cause – so much spoken of beloved and extolled by all in civil as well as military life.

In conclusion, Sir allow us to wish that the remaining years of your life may be attended by all the happiness and blessings you can desire and that ere long you may behold our glorious Union for which you suffered and braved so much with the ‘Irish Brigade” by “flood and field,” restored to its pristine vigor with not a star missing from that banner, the emblem of the free.

With much esteem
Yours Respectfully,

R. C. Bentley, LtCol, Commanding 63rd N.Y.S.V. (WIA at Gettysburg & Bvt Brig General)

Lawrence Reynolds, Surgeon

John C. Lynch, Capt, Company C (Killed at Chancellorsville)

Patrick J. Condon, Capt, Company G

John H. Gleason, Capt, Company B

Thomas Touhy, Capt Company I (DOW at Wilderness)

John Dwyer, Capt, Company K (WIA at Antietam)

James D. Brady, 1LT, Company B (WIA at Cold Harbor)

John J. Hurley, 1LT, Company I (WIA at Antietam)

William Quirk, 1LT, Company G (WIA at Fredericksburg)

Patrick J. O’Connor, 1LT, Company E

Patrick Maher, 1LT, Company F (WIA at Petersburg)

Michael Grogan, 2LT, Company K

Edward Lee, 2LT, Company B

Lawrence Daidy, 2LT, Company D

William Daly, 2LT, Company F

John Ryan, 2LT, Company H

William Higgins, 2LT, Company F

Charles Smart, Assistant Surgeon

Henry D. Hall, Assistant Surgeon

Joseph McDonough, Capt, Company E