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169th New York Infantry

Item DOC-9681
August 3, 1865 Edwin R. Smith
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State of New York
City and County of Albany

I Edwin R. Smith, Late Captain of the One Hundred and Sixty-Ninth Regiment, New York State Infantry Volunteers, being duly sworn deposes and says that on the 18th Day of July 1865, he was mustered out of the military service of the United States, then holding the rank of Captain in the said Regiment. That he has duly and completely rendered all returns, reports and rolls of property which by existing regulations, he was required to render and fully accounted to the proper bureaus for all government property and money that has ever come into his possession during his term of service up to the present time and is not in any way whatsoever indebted to the government.

Edwin R. Smith
Company F
169th New York State Volunteers

Sworn and subscribed to before me this third Day of August 1865.

H. D. Lansing
Comm. Deeds