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30th Pennsylvania Infantry - Totopotomoy Creek Action

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June 18, 1864 Mott Hooton
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Original Civil War document written in period ink.

West Chester, Pennsylvania

June 18th 1864

I certify on honor that on the 30th day of May 1864, the Regiment to which my company belonged was ordered to reconnoiter the enemy’s position, advancing a considerable distance we became engaged with the enemy and were repulsed; in this engagement Sergeant Benjamin H. Jenkins was killed; Privates Passmore A. Hoopes, Eli R. Catron and Daniel Young were captured. The enemy held the field that night and it was impossible to collect and turn in these men’s arms and accoutrements.

The following is a correct list of articles lost:

(4) Four rifled muskets, complete col. 69
(4) Four cartridge boxes
(4) Four cartridge boxes plates
(4) Four cross belts (privates)
(4) Four waist belts
(4) Four waist belts plates
(4) Four bayonet scabbards
(4) Four cap pouches
(4) Four gun slings
(4) Four wipers
(4) Four cone wrenches
(4) Four waist belts
(4) Four waist belts plates

Captain Hooten
Captain, 1st Infantry
Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteers Corps
Company A

No. 5 Affidavit of Sergeant Joseph James of stores lost in action
May 31st 1864