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2nd Massachusetts Infantry

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September 22, 1864 Robert B. Brown
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Original Cxivil War document written in period ink.

Headquarters, 2nd Massachusetts Infantry
Atlanta, Georgia

September 22nd 1864

Instructions for Sergeant Butterfield, in relation to Baggage

On arriving at Chattanooga, you will make application to Quartermaster in charge of Rail Road Transportation for transportation of your baggage. You will need at least half a car. At Bridgeport, you will show both your orders and this paper to the officer in charge of the store house, in which the 20th Corps baggage is stored. Who will allow you to take therefrom all baggage belonging to this regiment. A partial memorandum is furnished with this paper. But owing to the absence of some of the officers, it is not complete. You will therefore be very careful and particular in examining all baggage in the pile where ours is, in order that none be left. There are 10 company chests, which must be brought without fail. Our whole brigade baggage is in one pile, separate from the others. You will at all times after leaving Bridgeport to return, have at least two of your men guarding over the baggage until its arrival here.

Should your squad need rations, on showing your order, you can procure them at the Soldier’s Home or at any issuing Commissary. The time in your order limits you to six days. But should you be delayed from any fortune of war, such as cutting the roads, you will still remain with the baggage and see it safely through.

By Command of
R. B. Brown
2nd Massachusetts Infantry Volunteers
Commanding Regiment